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Smirnova Olga Mikhailovna is a Dermatologist. She works in a private clinic, where she is the Director and she practices Medicine. She is treating vitiligo with the method of narrow-band phototherapy. Currently, she has about 100 people treated with vitiligo,they receive the device three times a week, to the scheme. About 200 people in Kazakhstan are under her supervision and on treatment at home with local apparatus. At the dispensary registration, there are 800 people.


Background & Purpose: Narrow-band phototherapy is the main method of vitiligo treatments. The purpose of this study is to illuminate the phototherapy treatment regimens at home, to show skin care with long-term treatment and vitiligo narrow-band treatment. This shows that this method of treatment is very effective and available to every patient. Material & Methods: The author represents patients, children, and aged 5 to 10 years their result of treatment before and after treatment. Results & Discussion: The patient, 5 years old, turned to the Dermatologist with the spread form of vitiligo for help. The portable device of firm Kernel, which I registered on territory of Kazakhstan was offered. Through 100 procedures of phototherapy, 90% of white spots were depigmented. Six more cases of depigmentation of the skin in the home will be described. Given the basic rules of phototherapy in the home. Given a table on which patients can themselves, at home to be treated. Presentations will highlight the benefits of vitiligo treatment at home. Conclusions: The method of treating vitiligo at home with portable devices using the narrow-band phototherapy method is very accessible, effective, beneficial and simple.

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