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Saadiah S has completed her graduation from Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland in 1987, currently a Consultant Dermatologist (as per Malaysia National Specialist Register) serving Damansara Specialist Hospital, Seremban Specialist Hospital and Annur Specialist Hospital in Malaysia. She was a Consultant Dermatologist in Hospital University Kebangsaan, Malaysia, Committee Member of the Advance Masters Dermatology Program, which she has set up in year 2000 in University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), where she has served from year 1992 to 2003 and attained her Postgraduate degree, Masters in Internal Medicine and further trained by the world renowned Dermatologist, Professor Malcolm Greaves. Since then, she has supervised and trained many young dermatologists. Being actively involved in research, apart from many journal publications and conference presentations, she heads the dermatology clinical laboratory research and has successfully established two MS ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, Makmal Bioserasi for research and development and testing of healthcare products in Malaysia.


Introduction: Fair skin complexion is much preferred by the Asian population. Four percent hydroquinone has been known to be effective as a whitening agent albeit unwanted effects such as worsening pigmentation, onchronosis and irritation have been well documented. This study aims to compare the lightening effects and the safety profile of a novel topical formulation derived from Vitamin C in combination with plant’s extract, known as AE Brightening Complex- 01 with a standard formulation containing four percent Hydroquinone. A case control study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of AE Brightening Complex-01 versus 4% Hydroquinone cream in lightening normal skin colour. Materials & Methods: AE Brightening Complex-01 contains refined stabilized vitamin C complex and plant’s extract as active ingredient. All 20 subjects were applied with AE Brightening Complex-01 on their right arm, 4% hydroquinone on their left arm twice a day for 28 days. Their left forearm was left untreated. Visual and colorimeter assessment of the right arm, left arm and left forearm were done on day 0, Day7, Day 14, Day 21 and Day 28. Results: Skin areas treated with AE Brightening Complex-01 showed significant degree of lightening effect (+1.69) after 21 days of treatment compared to areas treated with 4% hydroquinone (+0.47) and untreated area (+0.13). This was tested using Skin Colorimeter Konica Minolta CR 10. There was further improvement at day 28 of the treated area with AE Brightening Complex-01 (+1.96), 4% hydroquinone (+0.66) and untreated area (-0.09). The AE Brightening Complex-01 formulation showed significant skin lightening effect compared to standard 4 % Hydroxyquinone with p<0.05. Conclusion: The AE Brightening Complex-01 formulation is significantly effective to lighten normal skin colour compared to 4% Hydroquinone.

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