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Hideo Nakayama was the Chief Dermatologist in Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital from 1970 to 1995. He was the Visiting Lecturer of Keio University, School of Medicine, from 1973 to 1995, Chief Dermatologist and Allergologist at Nakayama Dermatology Clinic from 1995 to 2015. He has graduated from Keio University, School of Medicine in 1961. Currently, he is the Advisor Doctor in Meguro Chen Dermatology Clinic (Tokyo). He has discovered new allergens, such as palladium, benzyl salicylate, R-219 (D&C R-31), ylang-ylang oil, ?-acaridial, etc., and developed new treatment systems by allergen control with pigmented cosmetic dermatitis, textile dermatitis, dental metal allergy and atopic dermatitis.


To stop the relapse of severe eczema of long lasting atopic dermatitis (AD), the investigation of mite fauna in the patients’ homes is essential. When the mite number of more than 10 places in the homes, it is reduced to less than 50/m2/20 seconds aspiration by 320W vacuum cleaner, actual mite number 10 cm*10 cm area becomes less than 1 mite, and this is the threshold lower than provoking and maintaining eczema. This theory was based on the fact that crashed three live mites were necessary to produce clear positive reactions by patch testing, and only one mite was not enough to provoke eczema. Double blind clinical test proved this fact, using methylene blue agar (MBA) method to count the mite numbers of macroscopically invisible mites in the houses. The introduction of mite-free-mattress, heater-flooring, removal of carpets etc. has been effective to decrease the mite number to less than 50/m2. Photographs and statistics of the remarkable effects of mite elimination on severe AD cases are demonstrated.

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