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Naushad Medical Centre, India, India
Title: Combined autologous platelet-rich plasma with microneedling verses microneedling with distilled water in the treatment of atrophic acne scars: A concurrent split-face study

Mohd Asif a senior resident, Department of Dermatology, Muzaffarnagar Medical College, U.P, India. 2016, Consultant dermatologist in Kaya Skin clinic, Delhi, India. 2017. Evaluated role of platelet rich plasma in acne scars-“Combined autologous platelet rich plasma with microneedling verses Microneedling with distilled water in the treatment of atrophic Acne scars: A concurrent split face study” Published in “Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology” 8th Jan 2016. Member of Indian medical association (IMA), Member of Indian association of dermatology, Venereology, and leprosy (IADVL), Member ofAssociation of cutaneous surgeons of India.


BACKGROUND: -. Acne scars are the squeal of acne; which causes cosmetic discomfort, depression, low self-esteem & reduce quality of life. Microneedling is an established and cost effective treatment for scars, although the efficacy of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has not been explored much. OBJECTIVE: - The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) combined with microneedling for the treatment of atrophic acne scars. METHODS: - Sixty two patients of 17–34 years of age with atrophic acne scars were enrolled. Microneedling was performed on both halves of the face. Intradermal injections as well as topical application of PRP (pre activated with calcium chloride) was given on right half of the face, while the left half of the face was treated with intradermal administration of distilled water. Three treatment sessions were given at an interval of 1 month consecutively. Goodman's Quantitative scale and Quantitative scale were used for the final evaluation of results. All the adverse effects were duly noted and treated. RESULTS: -. Right and left halves showed 62.37% and 46.62% improvement, respectively, on Goodman's Quantitative scale. Goodman's Qualitative scale showed excellent response in 25 (40.32%) patients and good response in 37 (59.68%) patients over right half of the face, while the left half of the face showed excellent response in 8 (12.90%) patients, good response in 49 (79.03%) patients and poor response in 5 (8.06%) patients. CONCLUSION: - We conclude that PRP is safe and efficacious in the management of atrophic acne scars when combined with microneedling. It can be also be combined and researched with other existing modalities of treatment.

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